why consider me?

I am not your average applicant. My experiences, my upbringing, my choices — all make me a bit unusual. I do not say better, necessarily — but different. I was homeschooled, which taught me that just because a path is conventional does not mean it is the best or most effective. I question the status quo, simply because something is “the way we’ve always done it” doesn’t mean it is the way it should be done now. Times change, we must adapt. The key to survival is recognizing truth and then applying it to the changing landscape of our world. Example: marketing is about sharing benefits of a product or service with the group of people who want them. But as times change that truth must be applied in ever-evolving ways. To stay relevant we must be constantly innovating our methods, our approach.

After I graduated, I began teaching myself photography, then I got a job at a startup agency which I helped to grow from 2 to 10+ employees when I left. After my time at the media agency I decided I needed to learn more about life from a different perspective, so I left Sacramento to spend three months walking the California coastline from Oregon to Mexico. It taught me a lot about truth, simplicity, necessity and joy. I share this to show that I do not follow the conventional path. I follow the one which has the most to teach me.

What I belive

I am a storytelling photographer. I tell true stories with images. If an image doesn’t carry an element of truth which the viewer can connect with, it has no purpose. I believe the same is true of videos, campaigns, and any artistic endeavor done to share a story. I believe it is the job of marketers to tell stories that ring of truth, evoking a feeling of either inspiration or nostalgia. I think that is where people can be touched.

I want to telling stories that matter for brands with integrity using innovative and creative ideas. I am applying at Mering Carson because I think that it might be a place I can do that, and learn to do it better.



in closing

First, I just want to thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read through this page. I don’t know if I have the skills or talents that you might need, but if what I’ve shared sounds interesting I’d enjoy having a conversation with you.

Thank you.

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Spencer Backman